Remedy Pick-up

If you are coming to my office to pick up a remedy:

The Historic Ashland Armory is open during business hours, usually at least 8:30 am – 5:30 pm. (During covid times, this can be unreliable, I’m afraid, but is usually accurate.) The building is often open during the day on Saturdays but usually not on Sundays, unless there is an event in the Armory.

Your remedy will be in an envelope with your initials written on it.

  1. If I’m out, the envelope will be in a drawer in the small, dark wood table that is behind a pillar next to the outer door of my office. (If you go to the door and turn around, the table will be to your right.
  2. If I’m in my office, the envelope may be on the cabinet to the left of my inner office door. (It may also be in the outside table, if I put it there earlier when I was out.)

Upstairs, Historic Ashland Armory

Front Door

Outside the Front Door

Small Dark Table

Next to Inner Door, Elemental Homeopathy

Inner Door