Why Use Homeopathy

Some of the Reasons People Choose Homeopathy

  • Concerns about the safety of conventional drugs have them looking for alternatives. Many women discover homeopathy while pregnant or nursing their babies.
  • They don’t like the side effects of medications.
  • They are trying to limit the number of medications they take because of worries about possible drug interactions.
  • Because their doctor says, “There is nothing wrong with you,” and the person knows that there is something wrong.
  • Or the doctor says that there is no treatment for their condition.
  • Despite receiving treatment, they are still ill.
  • Many people use homeopathy because they want to heal, and not just mask their symptoms. From homeopathy’s point of view, masking symptoms is like putting tape over a warning light on your car. The annoying light no longer bothers you, but you haven’t done anything about the underlying problem.

Every year more than 5 million Americans visit a homeopath