Consultations and Fees

Homeopathic Consultations

Individualized treatment is essential to homeopathy. I conduct an initial interview which lasts up to two hours (shorter for children; see below) covering the details of all your health problems as well as lifestyle, personality, and life experiences. The intention is to understand what is unique about you, the stresses of your life, and how you cope with them. This is key to finding a successful remedy. A good constitutional homeopathic remedy matches the symptoms as well as the individual who has those symptoms.

As a specialist in homeopathy, I do not conduct a physical examination. I am not a medical or naturopathic doctor and therefore I do not diagnose or manage disease symptoms. Nor do I make any recommendations about prescription medications or other conventional medical treatments. Medical diagnosis and management is important although not central to homeopathic treatment, and I ask that my clients be under the care of a physician. You do not have to stop conventional treatments to use homeopathy.

Initial homeopathic treatment for chronic health problems usually takes from one to four months, although this may vary depending on severity of your specific health issues. (Please ask.) I conduct follow up consultations, which last thirty to forty-five minutes, every four to six weeks as necessary. I am usually able to find a successful remedy in one to three attempts, again depending somewhat on the nature of your situation. Once you are on a successful homeopathic remedy, infrequent doses often continue to help for months or even years, at which time the process can be repeated to find another homeopathic remedy, usually for different (and older) health problems.

For consultations with children, it is sometimes advantageous to speak both with and without the child present. We can discuss how best to do this when making the appointment.

Online consultations via Zoom, Facetime, Skype, or other videoconferencing services are available.

To schedule an appointment please call 541-488-7725 or email .


For in-person appointments, here are directions to my office.


Initial Consultation *
Adults and Teens (2 hour appointment) $210
Children through age 10 and Pregnant women (1½ hour appointment) $175
Follow-up Consultations *  (30–45 minute appointment) $70
More than 1 year since last appointment (up to 1 hour appointment) $90
* Homeopathic remedies are included in the fees.
Fees include brief communication via phone or email during the month following a paid consultation, such as questions about dosing. This also includes a quick check-in, usually about 1 week after starting a new remedy.
If finances are an issue for you, please speak to me prior to your appointment about options to spread out payments over time.

I accept credit cards, online via PayPal.