Directions to Elemental Homeopathy

My office is currently in my home, at 1252 Old Willow Lane in Ashland.

The house on a flag lot, with a long driveway, on the left side of the street just past an large lawn. The house number is on a sign at the end of the driveway next to the street.

Come down the driveway and pull forward into the parking space to the left of the garage.

Elemental Homeopathy Location
Old Willow Map

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Old Willow Map 2

Coming from Interstate 5, Exit 14:

Head west toward downtown Ashland on Ashland Street (Hwy 66).
Turn right at the first light onto Tolman Creek Road. (Albertson’s is at that corner.)
Follow Tolman Creek until it ends and turn left onto East Main.
Follow East Main for a mile until you get to Fordyce, which is just before the railroad crossing and Garfield Park (ahead on your left). Turn right onto Fordyce Street.

Coming from Downtown Ashland:

On the South end of downtown (where southbound and northbound traffic comes back together), go left onto East Main.
Go past North Mountain Avenue, and take the first left past the railroad tracks and Garfield Park (on your right), onto Fordyce Street.

Once on Fordyce Street:

Old Willow Lane is past the jog in the road, on the left side, across from Romeo Drive. (The 4th left)
1252 is down a long driveway just past the open space on the left hand side of the Old Willow Lane. (There is a house number sign at the end of the driveway.)