About John Ourant

John Ourant


My specialty and the sole focus of my practice is homeopathy, in particular helping people with chronic health problems. I follow classical homeopathic principles: remedy selection according to the Law of Similars, the minimum dose, and using single remedies. I believe that this is the best way for me to consistently achieve the best results for my clients. I also often use newer remedies, added to our materia medica in recent years, and I use Element Theory and systems based on plant and animal taxonomy to help prescribe these remedies. I have found this evolution of classical homeopathy very useful for modern conditions and patients.


I am a graduate of Louis Klein’s Master Clinician program and have studied with Lou for almost as long as I’ve been involved with homeopathy. I have also studied with many other prominent homeopathic teachers, including Jan Scholten, Misha Norland, and Jeremy Sherr, and studied Sensation Method from the Inner Health school. On the other side of the classroom, I teach and mentor at the Los Angeles School of Homeopathy. I have been practicing homeopathy since 2000.

Interests and Background

I live in Ashland, Oregon with my wife. I am a ballroom dancer and on many Friday nights I can be found DJ’ing and dancing at the Evergreen Ballroom. See’s Cori’s web site: www.UpAndDancing.com if you want to get on the dance floor.

I have been a member of a BNI chapter, Ashland Business Connections, since 2011, helping to build my and other local businesses in the Oregon’s Rogue Valley.

I am a former Scoutmaster and ongoing committee member of Scout Troop 112. I love to spend time in the outdoors and enjoy playing D&D (and other games).

Before discovering homeopathy, I received a degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of California at San Diego and had a career in signal processing and computer science in San Diego, Buffalo, and Southern Oregon.