Consultations and Fees

Homeopathic Consultations

Individualized treatment is essential to homeopathy. I conduct an initial interview which lasts up to two hours (shorter for children; see below), covering the details of all your health problems, as well as lifestyle, personality, and life experiences, with the intention of understanding what is unique about your situation, which is key to finding a successful remedy.

As a specialist in homeopathy, I do not conduct a physical examination. I am not a medical or naturopathic doctor and therefore I do not diagnose disease. Nor do I make any recommendations about prescription medications or other conventional medical treatments. Medical diagnosis and management is important, although not central to homeopathic treatment, and I ask that my clients be under the care of a physician. You do not have to stop conventional treatments to use homeopathy.

Initial homeopathic treatment for chronic health problems usually takes from one to three months, although this may vary depending on severity of your specific health issues. (Please ask.) Once you are on a successful homeopathic remedy, infrequent doses will usually continue to help for months or even years, at which time the process can be repeated.

Internet video consultations are also available at the same rates given below. Phone consultations may be a possibility as well. Please inquire if you are interested in either of these options.

To schedule an appointment, please call 541-488-7725 or email



Initial Consultation *
Adults/Teens (2 hours) $190
Children through age 10 (up to 1½ hours) $140
Pregnant Women/Babies up to 1½ years (up to 1 hour) $100
Follow-ups *  (up to 1 hour) $50
More than 6 months since last appointment $75
* Homeopathic remedies are included in the fees.
Fees also include all necessary communication via phone or email, as well as additional office visits if needed, during the month following the paid consultation.
Family Discount For additional members of the immediate family of active clients (current month)
Initial Consultation: $40 discount
Follow-ups: $10 discount
If finances are an issue for you, please speak to me prior to your appointment about special financial arrangements.
I also accept credit cards, online via PayPal.